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Dec 17

What Is Domain Authority?

By Strahinja | Tips

You may have heard the term but are not sure what domain authority is all about. After all, there are a lot of technical terms that you need to get used to and know what they mean as well as how they apply to your website.

Domain authority is actually not a new term but it does play a significant role in yours and your website’s life. To find out all about domain authority, just keep reading our article. It has the information you need to know.

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Dec 15

Are ClickBank Products Worth Your Money?

By Strahinja | Tips

It is a tough question to answer.

Not because it is "a depends question" but because there are so many elements involved at different levels that can make or break a company like ClickBank. This company focuses more on digital products because the logistics, shipping and handling issues are a lot easier to work.

Yet, that focus has opened ClickBank up to less than honest vendors who take advantage of ClickBank’s vulnerability to make a quick buck. But it is not all the vendor’s fault for the performance of this company. The company itself has left itself open to being used in this manner as well as failing to keep up with the times.

are clickbank products worth your money

What makes ClickBank a questionable company to work with is is inability to screen products and keep the bad ones away from its affiliates and customers.

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Dec 13

Can You Make Money Online Fast

By Strahinja | Tips

Can you make money online fast - a question asked by many. There are people who need money and they need it now. The Internet can be seen as a way to get that money quickly.

There are a lot of opportunities on the Internet that say you can make money fast but the reality is, those claims are pipe dreams that help the person making the claim to get their money very fast.

This Blog Is Bringing Me 4-Digit Income Each Month!

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Dec 11

How Easy Is Making Money Online?

By Strahinja | Tips

If you want to know how easy is making money online you are at the right place. If you think you can use the Internet to make money through a get rich quick scheme, then you may be in for a surprise.

While making money online can be easier than traditional jobs, it still takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve financial security.

Find Out How This Blog Is Bringing Me 4-Digit Income Each Month

You can access the same community and training that helped me when I was starting.

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Dec 07

Are Keywords Going To Be An Important Ranking Factor In 2020?

By Strahinja | Tips

There will always be a push towards using keywords. After all those little words and phrases do drive a lot of traffic to your door. The short tail keywords produce a lot of volume for many people and businesses who operate their own websites.

But search engine ranking requirements are always changing. What worked for people in 2010 is not going to work in 2020. The importance of keywords is diminishing and should not be as valuable a ranking factor as other strategies.

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Dec 05

Top 11 WordPress Hosting Companies For 2020

By Strahinja | Tips

When you are looking for a WordPress company hosting company there are several factors you should follow to help guide you in your search:

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Support
  4. SEO friendly

All of these factors are important when you are trying to get ranked high on Google and other search engines. Our list may not match up with yours but that is okay. If you are satisfied with your company then that is the best for you and your needs.

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Dec 03

Why Are Long Tail Keywords Better Than Short Keywords?

By Strahinja | Tips

The debate lingers.

You will get supporters for both sides of the issue. Some people are sure that short tail keywords are better for SEO rankings while others take the opposing side and say that long tail keywords are the best.

Which ones are best in your eyes, depends on you and your preferences. Strong cases can be made for both sides of the argument but in the end, long tail keywords may be better than short tail ones.

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Dec 01

How To Find Good Long Tail Keywords

By Strahinja | Tips

They are not lost.

This is not a search for a buried treasure or lost keys. When you are looking for long tail keywords, they already exist in territory you have not fully explored. To define long tail keywords, these are search words that are longer than 3 words.

They are an important tool in your SEO arsenal as they are used quite often by people looking for different products, and so on. What makes them so important is that 92% of all keywords used are long tail ones.

Also, long tail keywords are easier to rank because there is little competition for them. They are also far more specific in nature. To guide you in how to find good long tail keywords here are some pointers that should help

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Nov 29

How To Flip A Website?

By Strahinja | Tips

The process is a lot like real estate.

That is the best way to describe flipping websites. The process is a lot like buying a fixer upper home, renovating it and then putting it back on the market. Or it is very similar to buying a real brick and mortar business and renovating it to meet modern needs and then reselling it after owning it a few months.

There are several steps to take before you can successfully flip your website.

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Nov 27

How To Use Keywords In An Article?

By Strahinja | Tips

The old days are gone.

Analytics conducted by search engines have changed. What strategies that used to work do not work any more. That includes keyword use. Those days of keyword stuffing have long since disappeared.

Now you need to use those keywords wisely if you want to drive traffic to your door. This article on how to use keywords in an article should show you the proper way to get the keyword job done just right.

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