Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to my Affiliate Disclosure.

This part is required by the FTC and their new rules for Disclosure Compliance from 2015.

These new rules are here to let the viewers/readers of web media such as blogs (like mine), online shops and YouTube content if the owner of the blogs, or YouTube video etc, online shop is partnered/affiliated/sponsored/endorsed by a separate company.

In the instance of, my readers are hereby informed that a small commission fee is alocated to this website when people click on links that may lead to products or services.

Aknowledging FTC’s Disclosure Compliance, I hearby inform you to assume the following about the links at

Any of the links, if not all, at will earn this website a small commission from the sales of certain items.

You will not pay more should you click on any of the affiliate links at The price is the same even if you found the same product elsewhere online.

Soon we will start using these types of links.

Amazon Affiliate Links. is (if not already – will be) partnered with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate program allows bloggers to earn advertising fee’s and linking to Amazon products/services/properties. Such will be but it is not limited to that alone.

Amazon offers a small commission if the sale is made via and our Amazon affiliate links. By purchasing a product via our Amazon affiliate link you are helping and supporting this website.

In this situation we wish you thank you kindly as you are supporting an independent blogger to grow and is at no extra cost to you.

Product Affiliate Links.

Product Affiliate Links works the same way as above. By clicking on the link and buying a product will receive a small commission or another type of compensation.

Products like online packages, e-book bundles and e-courses are normally affiliate links as well. It should be repeated you will not pay more money should you click on these affiliate links. Such links are not PPC (pay per click) unless specifically stated otherwise.

Adsense – Google Ads.

Another type of affiliate links you may see at will be Google Ads, or, Adsense. They work the same as previously explained.

Does write sponsored content?

Currently we do not write sponsored content and all content is endeavored to be unique and informative to our readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our affiliate disclosure and hope you are adequately informed.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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